Sample Scripts

The following sample scripts, function files, and declaration files can be used for any purpose and downloaded for free.  If you would like to submit a sample file to this page, please send an e-mail to along with a copy of the sample.  All samples will be reviewed prior to addition to this page.

Name Description
Spirals A script that draws spirals in the Phantom target. Used as an illustration of Phantom commands.
TagState This script provides functions to capture the tags (text) of a group of windows and compare them to an array.
TestCalc Performs a simple automated test on the Calculator application.
CaptureDesktop Captures a bitmap of the desktop window, applies a mask to it, and compares it to another bitmap captured after a simple test is run. Illustrates bitmap and mask functions.
MultiApp This is a simple script that shows how to use Phantom to automate the interaction between two or more applications.
DynamicWindows A more complex sample that defines some useful User-Defined functions used for automating highly structurally dynamic windows. It also performs some simple automation of Internet Explorer v7.
DataDriven This is a simple script that shows how to use Phantom's string manipulation and file functions to access an external text file for testcase data.
CountChildren A simple script that uses function recursion to count the total number of child windows for a window. A great set of functions to create HTML reports. Also includes a utility that captures screen and window bitmaps. Submitted by David Gilbert from Sirius-SQA. A script that shows how to use bitmap search and comparison to automate an application. Searches a bitmap with graphical switches to determine which switches are on or off. Submitted by Michael A. Druckenmiller, Sr. from



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