Phantom Products

The following products supporting the Phantom automation language are available from Phantom Automated Solutions:

The Phantom Test Driver
The Phantom Test Driver (PTD) provides an efficient, user friendly platform for developing and maintaining Phantom scripts. PTD is the ideal tool for managing and executing automated application testing and regression testing. Scripts can be organized by function and executed as groups or individually. Results and output are collected and displayed in an easy to read format. PTD also includes an integrated Phantom script debugger to easily resolve script problems.


Phantom Sidekick
Phantom Sidekick is a macro utility that allows you to execute Phantom scripts and other applications at the click of a key stroke.  Play back macros by pressing custom key combinations or using the macro scheduler.  Automate any windows task - e-mail logon, FTP downloads, form entries, file back-ups, and much more.  Sidekick waits quietly in the background and executes your macros on command!


The Phantom Remote Agent
The new Phantom Agent can be used in conjunction with PTD to execute entire sets of Phantom scripts on remote machines. PTD communicates with the Phantom Agent to run the scripts, with all output and results returned to PTD for easy results analysis and comparison.


Phantom Command Line Interpreter
The Phantom Command Line Interpreter is a freeware DOS utility used to run Phantom scripts. Any Phantom script can be run using the Phantom Command Line Interpreter. This utility can be used to deploy and run Phantom scripts on machines without the need to purchase a registration key. It is also a useful utility for automation education or for light-weight test processes.


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