Phantom Sidekick is a macro utility that executes Phantom scripts or other applications on command. It accomplishes this by waiting quietly in the background for key combinations, or 'triggers' to be detected, and then executes a Phantom script that corresponds to that trigger.

This powerful tool can be used to automate an endless variety of tasks. Its functionality is largely based upon the Phantom language which interacts with Windows Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). Scripts can be written using the Phantom language, or recorded using the recorder utility, and then played back on command.

The Macro Manager utility gives full control of the macro creation process. Using this utility, existing or newly recorded scripts can be assigned to a trigger to create a macro or scheduled for execution.

Macros can be run on a pre-determined schedule using the built-in Macro Schedule. Schedule macros to run at a specific time or over a specified interval. Additionally, Sidekick includes a Macro Wizard for common macro tasks.

Version 2.1 of Phantom Sidekick supports the Phantom 2.0 language interpreter.

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What are macros?
Macros are a set of instructions or actions that can be performed using a simple command, such as a keystroke or a mouse click. When the command, or 'trigger' occurs, the set of instructions executes automatically. Basically, macros are there to make your life easier. Phantom Sidekick macros are designed to make your life with the Windows operating system easier. For example, Sidekick can log on to e-mail and retirieve messages at the click of a button, or prepare a commonly used spreadsheet chart at a keystroke. Sidekick macros can range from simple, repetative tasks (checking e-mail) to complex tasks that may take hours to complete manually. You tell Sidekick what to do, and Sidekick will do it - often times without writing a single line of code.


So how does Sidekick do all this?
The instructions for a Sidekick macro come from a Phantom script. This script is executed using the Phantom Interpreter which interacts with a window. These scripts can be created manually using the built-in script editor, automatically by using the Macro Wizard, or by recording actions using the Recorder utility. The set of instructions is executed by using the Macro Viewer, via a Macro Trigger, or by using the Macro Scheduler. The Macro Viewer is a window that displays all available macros. It can be accessed in the main Sidekick window, or through the Sidekick icon in the system tray. Macro Triggers are key combinations that launch the macros, such as holding down the 'CTRL' and 'F1' keys simultaneously. Triggers also include prefix keys that are used to activate macros before the trigger is pressed. The Macro Scheduler runs macros at specified times or intervals.




Key Features


  • Macro Recorder

  • Macro Wizard

  • Macro Scheduler

  • Execution Log

  • Quick View

  • Key Triggers

  • Script Editor

  • Easy Macro Management


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