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PTD provides the capability to save the state of the PTD workspace through the use of Workspace files. Workspace files save information such as what scripts are open, what declarations files are open, and what suite is open. When a workspace is loaded, all the scripts, declarations, and suites are automatically loaded. The workspace also tracks all Remote Agent hosts used for Remote Execution.

A workspace can be loaded by selecting ‘Open Workspace’ from ‘File’ in the main menu. Note that loading a workspace will automatically close all open suites, declarations, and scripts. If any changes were made, a prompt appears to save the changes.

A workspace can be saved by selecting ‘Save Workspace’ or ‘Save Workspace As’ from ‘File’ in the main PTD menu. An open workspace is also automatically saved when the PTD application is closed.

A default workspace can be set in the PTD options. This workspace will be loaded automatically when PTD starts.

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