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Preprocessors and Postprocessors

PTD provides the ability to perform processes before and after suite or testcase execution. This is done through the use of preprocess and postprocess scripts. The scripts can be used to set up the run environment, parse output, compile error statistics, or perform any other action required before or after a suite or testcase is executed.

Processing scripts are simply Phantom scripts executed before (preprocess) and after (postprocess) the suite or testcase. All Phantom functionality is available in these scripts, along with additional special functions specific to PTD. Note that for remote execution, pre- and post-processors are run locally on the server machine, not on the remote client machine.

A special variable of type 'ptdoutput' and name 'PTDOutput' is inserted automatically into each pre- and post- processor script. This variable can be used to interact with PTD during processing. For more information on how to use this variable, see the ptdoutput section.

The preprocess and postprocess scripts are indicated in the Suite Properties and Testcase Properties panels.


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