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Free and Open-Source Windows GUI Automation Software.
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Do you want to...

... increase test coverage?
... increase process efficiency?
... reduce manual process errors?
... keep within budget without sacrificing performance?

Phantom is an automation technology that...
... automates manual testing, increasing test coverage.
... automates manual processes, increasing efficiency.
... consistently automates processes, eliminating manual errors.
... is FREE yet powerful for demanding automation projects.
Phantom Test Driver
In today's tough economy, you need to provide quality products to your customers all while reducing costs. The Phantom Test Driver (PTD) improves the quality of your products through QA test automation. Automating manual test scripts using PTD results in increased test coverage, reliability, and efficiency. This means more defects are caught, resulting in a higher quality product for your customers. Learn more about the many benefits of automating your testing with PTD.
Phantom Sidekick
Get the most productivity out of your team by automating your repetitive processes. Manual repetition is not only tedious, but often results in process errors. Phantom Sidekick is a macro utility used to reliably automate repetitive manual processes. Processes automated using Phantom Sidekick run efficiently and reliably. This means you have more time to respond to more pressing issues while reducing or eliminating process errors. For more information on how automation using Phantom Sidekick can save you time and money, click here.

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