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The Function Viewer

PTD includes a component that displays all available built-in functions. This is called the function viewer. This displays all installed packages and their associated functions. It also shows all variables that have member functions. It displays the syntax of each function in including the name, parameter types, and return types:

Name(Parameter1, Parameter2, ...) : ReturnType

If a parameter type or return type is 'any', any data type can be used.

Items with a blue marker are general functions and are part of function packages. Items with a red marker are member functions of a variable, and must be called by a variable. See the Phantom documentation for more information on how to call member functions.

Clicking a function and dragging it to a script will insert that function directly into the script. If the function has any parameters, the parameter types will be inserted and must be replaced with variables.

For more information on a particular function, consult the Phantom documentation.

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