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The phantom executable, phantom.exe, can accept several arguments. The syntax of phantom.exe is:

phantom.exe [script] [-l count] [-o file] [script_args]


[script] - The Phantom script to run [optional]
[-l count] - Run the script 'count' times [optional]
[-o file] - Capture all output to 'file' [optional]
[script_args] - Additional arguments to pass to the script [optional]

Phantom with no arguments will run in console mode.

The script_args must follow a script name. Anything after the script name (other than -o and -l parameters) will be processed as script arguments. Script arguments are simply regular phantom commands, with each command separated by a semi-colon (;).

If a string is passed to a script using script_arguments, the string quotes must be preceded by a \. This is only for the DOS version of Phantom. If the '\' is not included, the quotes are ignored.


Run a script:
phantom.exe sample.psc

Run a script 10 times:
phantom.exe sample.psc -l 10

Run a script and capture output to out.txt:
phantom.exe sample.psc -o out.txt

Run a script with arguments:
phantom.exe sample.psc int i = 10; string s = \"Hello\";

Run phantom in console mode:


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