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Console Mode

Phantom can be run in a console mode. To run in console mode, simply run Phantom without a script parameter. Phantom will prompt for input. Enter the input and the command will be run immediately. Any Phantom command or feature can be run in console mode, including loading and running user-defined function sets.

To exit console mode, type 'stop' followed by enter.

Below is an example of a Phantom console run:

C:\Program Files\Phantom>phantom.exe
| Phantom v2.0                          |
|            |
| This DOS version is freeware          |
| Type 'stop' to quit.                  |
1 >>int i = 10;
2 >>disp(i);
3 >>who();
Variable Type Value
i int 10
4 >>exception e;
5 >>e.SetWarning("Warning!");
6 >>e.throw();
** WARNING: (1) from 'Console' on line 6 - Warning!
7 >>

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