Phantom Agent error: "[Socket] Shutdown initiated by client"

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Phantom Agent error: "[Socket] Shutdown initiated by client"

Postby 68K on Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:35 pm

I am just starting to use the Phantom Agent client.

I have found a teething problem... test cases appear to execute fine on the client PC; but each test case script results in 1 Error:

[Socket] Shutdown initiated by client

I note that if there is something wrong with my script, it exits with an error. This "[Socket] Shutdown initiated by client" seems to appear when the test script has reached its end without error.

A google search shows no Phantom specific results; but general results for sockets not being closed gracefully.

Any ideas?


p.s. the agent logging for a test case (is this normal?)

Code: Select all
>>>> Waiting for a connection <<<<

Connection: Sending Action
Connection: Reading Action
Connection: Checking Response
Connection: Checking Mode
Connection: ACK 1
Connection: Flag Request
Connection: Checking Flag Response
Connection: ACK 2
Connection: Status Connected
Connection: Script Begin
Connection: Setting Engine
Connection: Loading DLLs
Connection: Load Script
C:\Documents and Settings\68K\My Documents\RecordCreateAndDelete.psc
Connection: Eval Args
Connection: Run Script
Connection: Clean Up
DISCONNECT: Socket is shutting down: (34835)
CLOSESOCKET Closing: (34835)
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