2 objects with the same name

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2 objects with the same name

Postby itay_golan1984 on Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:22 pm

Hi all,
I'm new here, and i began to work with "Phantom Test Driver" to automate my tests.
i'm stuck with a little problem:
i want to recored a test and get a values from diffrent textboxes.
phantom identifies them (the textboxes) with the same class name.
so i get only 1 value.
how can i get the values from all the textboxes?
this is an example fo what im trying to do:
#This is mark the value on the desired textbox
MainWin("V-Sperm Management System","ThunderRT6MDIForm").MainWin(1,"MDIClient").MainWin("Testing Facility","ThunderRT6FormDC").MainWin(1,"ThunderRT6Frame").MainWin(1,"ThunderRT6TextBox").MouseClick(0,46,10,0);

#and here im trying to get the value.
string Testing_Facility48 = MainWin("V-Sperm Management System","ThunderRT6MDIForm").MainWin(1,"MDIClient").MainWin("Testing Facility","ThunderRT6FormDC").MainWin(1,"ThunderRT6Frame").MainWin(1,"ThunderRT6TextBox").GetText();

thnx for the help!
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