SetActive() does not work in NT4 (SOLVED)

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SetActive() does not work in NT4 (SOLVED)

Postby SpiritualMadMan on Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:02 pm

My Thanks to John for his patience on the Support e-Mail.

I am working with some old Legacy Military Systems that still use NT4

On our Systems, *nothing* I could do would make the Form Active...

Also, I got No Errors whatsoever from Phantom indicating that my code was bad.

As far as Phantom was concerned it told the OS to Activate the Form and the OS apparently returned without an error.

(Thank You NT!)

The final Work-Around is as follows:

Win.Restore(); This Brings a minimized form up on the Screen
Win.BringToTop(); Makes it the TopMost Window which allows the Recorded MouseClick to Activate the Form
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