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void who()

Return Type: void
Parameters: none

This function displays all variables available in the current scope. The current scope determines what variables are available for use. All variables declared within a function as well as all global variables are within the scope and available for use. The function displays all variable names, their respective types, and the values they contain. The values may be truncated if they go beyond the allowable length for the display. If a variable is an array, its size will be displayed along with the first value. Note that global variables will be denoted with an asterisk (*) if this function is called from within a user-defined function.

Example Code
1 >>int i = 42;
2 >>real r;
3 >>r[0] = 18;
4 >>r[1] = 44.6;
5 >>string s = "Hello";
6 >>window w = MainWin("Untitled - Notepad", "Notepad");
7 >>who(); Variable     Type        Value
i            int         42
r            real[2]     18.00000000000000
s            string      Hello
w            window      Tag: 'Untitled - Notepad' Class: 'Notepad'


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