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void disp(multi-type)

Return Type: void
Parameters: multi-type

This displays the string representation of the input parameter. Usually, the input parameter is simply a string, in which case the string will be displayed. However, this will display the string representation of any variable passed to it. In general, the string representation is that representation displayed in the who command. The exceptions to this are if the string representation is truncated by the who command or if the variable is an array. The disp function does not truncate the variable string representation and will display each element of an input array on a new line.

Example Code
1 >>int i;
2 >>i[0] = 3; i[1] = 2; i[2] = 42;
3 >>string s = "What is the meaning of...";
4 >>window w;
5 >>w.Tag = "Untitled - Notepad"; w.Class = "Notepad";
6 >>who();
Variable Type Value
i int[3] 3
s string What is the meaning of...
w window Tag: 'Untitled - Notepad' Class: 'Notepad'
7 >>disp(s);
What is the meaning of...
8 >>disp(i);
9 >>disp(w);
Tag: 'Untitled - Notepad' Class: 'Notepad'


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