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Phantom Target

Much of the sample code in this documentation refers to the Phantom Target application. The Phantom Target is a free application included with Phantom. It contains many types of MFC user interface controls, and is intended as a test bed for trying out Phantom commands. It also provides a subject for the example code, since there is no common application on Windows that has all of the controls that Phantom automates.

To run Phantom Target, run "PhantomTarget.exe" from its installation location.

Phantom Target has the ability to track interaction through the use of a log file. Log information is saved in a log file called PhantomTarget.log. The log file is saved in the same directory as Phantom Target. To enable logging capability, select Log, then On from the Options main menu.

Phantom Target also has the capability to provide instant feedback through message boxes. To ensure a menu item was selected or a button pushed, Phantom Target can display a message box indicating the action was performed. There are several different groups of message boxes that can be displayed. To enable feedback, select Options, then MessageBox from the main menu. A list of possible feedback types will be shown. Select the type of feedback to enable.

A screen shot of Phantom Target is below.

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