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MainWin Class

Type: Window

Class: CWnd, CDialog, others...

Description: The MainWin class encompasses all independent and child windows. This includes, but is not limited to, windows and dialog boxes. There is a difference between MainWin Types and MainWin Classes. A MainWin Type is any window or control which accepts commands, except for menus and menu items. In Window Declaration Files, all controls and windows (but not menus and menu items) are of the MainWin type. However, the class of the declaration is dependent upon the window class. For example, the following declaration is of MainWin type, but it is a Button class: 

[ ]MainWin "Match"
 ( )Tag="&Match case"
 ( )Class="Button"         
 ( )Parent=0
 ( )Child=1         

The MainWin class is any window class that is not a menu. All MainWin functions, unless otherwise stated in the definition of the function, can be used by all windows that are of the MainWin class. MainWin functions can also be used with most control types, unless otherwise stated.  

Functions: MainWin, MainWin (function), MainWin (member)

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