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for(iVar1 = iX; iVar1 OP iVar2; iVar1 MATH)


iVar1 - The first variable to compare
iX - The initial value of iVar1
OP - The conditional operator
iVar2 - The second variable to compare
MATH - A mathematical operation performed on iVar1


Processes the statements within the brackets while the conditional statement is true.  The conditional statement first sets the first variable to an initial value.

Every cycle, the first variable is compared to the second variable.  If this comparison is true, then the interpreter breaks out of the for loop and continues processing the next step after the closing bracket.  If the comparison is not true, a math operation is performed on the first variable.  This operation is usually used to change the variable so it is closer to causing the comparison to yield a true value.  If this is not the case, the flow control may never exit and cause an infinite loop.  Any of the variables in the control statement can be changed in the middle of the loop.

Example Code

for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++){
  disp("The number is: " + string(i));

The number is: 0
The number is: 1
The number is: 2
The number is: 3
The number is: 4
The number is: 5
The number is: 6
The number is: 7
The number is: 8
The number is: 9

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