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Editing Window Declarations

Declarations may be edited if a window item should have a different name than the default, a tag or class requires a wildcard, or a control or window item needs to be added manually.  However, editing a Window Declarations file is NOT RECOMMENDED until the user is familiar and comfortable with the format of a Window Declarations file.

Window declarations can be edited using a standard ASCII text editor.  However, it is important to use an editor that interprets tabs as a '\t' character, rather than a set of spaces.  For example, the DOS editor treats a tab character as a set of spaces, and is not recommended for editing a Window Declarations file.  Notepad treats a tab as a '\t' character, and can be used to edit a Window Declarations file.  The tab order of the Window Declarations elements is very important for the Window Declarations to work correctly.

Note: The Phantom Test Driver (PTD) version 2.0 and later includes a window declarations editor built-in. Additionally, a window declarations file can be opened and edited in the Window Declarations Recorder that comes with Phantom version 2.0 and later.

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